Success Cred helps build your credit profile – fast. 74% of Success Cred members see a credit score improvement in less than 7 days.1
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Why Success Cred?

A higher credit score lowers your cost of debt and can save you thousands of dollars every year2
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Annual savings on car, mortgage, and credit card payments with a 100 point credit score increase.3
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Success Cred addresses three major Credit Bureaus, Experian Equifax and Equifax Business consider in determining scores.

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Success Cred members that saw a credit score improvement in less than 7 days.*
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We’re here to help you navigate the complicated world of credit, in a simple way.
How does the Success Cred Card work?
The Success Cred Card works like any other credit card but has built in features meant to help you spend responsibly and add credit history. With a credit limit of up to $2,500 and the ability to spend up to your spend limit on online merchants or the Success Cred, it can help improve your Credit Card Utilization which is a big part of your credit score.

We then report both your utilization and on time payments within 24 hours to the credit bureaus which again helps your credit score. It’s that simple!
Why does Success Cred exist?
Success Cred is here to help you build credit and save money on debt. The best way to tackle debt is to find the lowest cost of debt possible so you pay as little as necessary. We create a personalized step by step plan, first by helping you build (or rebuild) your credit history.
How does Save & Build Credit work?
The Success Cred Save & Build Credit account is the perfect way to build both your savings AND your credit history. Save & Build Credit is a secured loan where you pick anywhere from $25-$100 every month for 12 or 24 months to be put aside in your Success Cred Wallet. Since you committed to this program, we report each payment towards the secured loan to the credit bureaus as a successful on time payment. This helps your credit history and after the term is over, you get ALL the money back. It’s a win win!

It’s important that you make on time payments towards this secured loan. If you miss payments or stop payments before the term is over, we will have to report a missed payment to the credit bureaus which may hurt your credit score. Make sure you’re ready to make the commitment.
How do you handle data and security?
We never sell your data or save your banking login. All your personal information is kept safe with 256-bit encryption.
What does Success Cred cost?
To cover our cost to serve you we charge a subscription fee of $6/month when you sign up for an annual plan. The month to month subscription fee is $9. Remember: a score of 700+ can save you over $2700 annually***. We have priced Success Cred to be fair and reasonable given the value we provide to you.

There are NO hidden fees or interest charges for our products. We win when you have excellent credit, save money and reach your financial goals.

See Cardholder Agreement for full details.
Which Credit Bureaus do you report to?

We report to three major bureaus (unlike most credit building products in the market). We report your file to Equifax Business Equifax and Experian within the first week of you joining Success Cred. You should see the Success Cred tradeline on your credit report within a week. Our goal is to help you add credit history as soon as possible. 74% of our members see a score improvement in 7 days or less*. Moreover, your on time payments are reported to all three bureaus within 24 hours. We believe you should not have to wait months to start seeing results that’s why we are the only credit building app that reports daily instead of monthly.

How does Success Cred build credit and save money?
Success Cred’s credit building features adds to your credit history and can start saving you money on your loans and credit cards. With the Success Cred Credit Builder card and the Save & Build account we provide you with a fast and easy way to build your credit history and positively impact your score so that you qualify for the lowest cost of debt you’re entitled to. All you need to do is activate your Success Cred card or Save & Build account, connect a valid and active bank account and we automatically take care of monthly payments and report your good history to all three credit bureaus. Let our technology do the work so you don’t have to.
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